So. What’s Going On?

It’s been a minute since I posted the video about the name. Wow, that was back in June. I suppose it’s time for an update!

We are meeting every Wednesday night at 6:30, and finishing up between 8:00 and 8:30. But, we are not “having church” in the typical sense.

First, we eat together. We have a FaceBook Messenger group that we coordinate who is bringing what. Sometimes we have taco night, hotdog night, pot-luck night, or BYOF (bring your own food) night.

Second, we sing. The band plays a few songs and we sing praises and thanks to God.

Third, we talk. I have not preached a sermon in several months. Why? Because we have been doing a lot of talking through what we think God is trying to do with us, and what kind of church He wants us to be.

We’ve talked about so many things! For instance, we went through Francis Chan’s Basic videos to challenge and discuss the basics of being a faith community. We’ve talked about ways to “do” church stuff – you know, like gathering times, gathering days, what we do at the gatherings – that sort of thing. We’ve also talked about ministry philosophy – stuff like the “who/what/where/why/how” of fulfilling our call to the biker community. We’ve talked about how we pass on the values and mission of the church to new folks that God adds to this work. We’ve even addressed the sacraments of the church and how we approach them in a meaningful and impactful way.

So, we’ve done a lot in the past few months, but we are not, in my opinion, ready to “launch” yet. We do invite folks, for sure, but we aren’t pushing this to “the masses” yet because we want to make sure we start (and continue) in a healthy, focused, and intentional way.

So, that’s what’s going on at The Boneyard Biker Church. If you’re interested in deeply exploring the “who/what/where/why/how” of being the church, join us on Wednesday nights at 6:30.

In His grip,


P.S. We really need to sell this building. It is a burden for this small fellowship, and it really is not suitable for what we are trying to accomplish. Help us out! First, pray that we find a buyer. Second, share the link to the property!

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